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Flow Meter

Flow meter A flow meter is basically a device used to measure or indicate the flow of a liquid, gas or any fluid moving through a pipe. A flow meter basically measures the amount of steam, liquid and gas flowing through a pipe, and there are several types of flow meters or flow sensors that measure the flow rate of a liquid or gas.  A flow meter measures the flow of a gas or liquid through a closed or open pipe. Basically flow is the amount of liquid or gas passing through a pipe or system and the formula for measuring flow is Q=V*A where Q is the flow rate, V is the flow velocity and A is the pipe area. And the unit of flow measurement is liter/minute, m3/hour, cut/second, kg/second, ton/hour, gallon/minute. flow Flow is the flow of a gas or liquid through a closed or open pipe. And basically flow is the amount of liquid/gas passing through the system. The unit of flow is liter/minute, kg/second, gallon/minute, tans/hour, m3/hour. flow rate Flow rate is equal to the velocity of flow i

Instrumentation and control engineering

Instrumentation and control engineering Instrumentation and control engineering is the study of process variable measurements and controllers. Instrumentation and Control Engineering is a combination of two disciplines Instrumentation Engineering and Control Engineering. Instrumentation and control engineering consisting of field instrument (PLC, DCS, SCADA, sensor, Actuator etc.), control system, automatic equipment or equipment used in industries. Instrumentation & control engineering basically aims to automate industry and improve product quality, stability, reliability and reduce labor costs or human error. Also ICE deals with safety systems like FAS (Fire Alarm System), SIS (Safety Instrumented System), ESD System (Emergency Shutdown System) in power plant. Basically, i&c engineer jobs are available in oil and gas, petrochemical, biomedical, food and beverage, manufacturing industries. Basically the job of Instrumentation and Control Engineer is to design and control the s