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What are the benefits of HMI?

What are the benefits of HMI? Basically the benefits of HMI are  Enhanced visibility Increased functionality Reduced downtime Enhanced visibility With the ability to display all the important data related to your process in a single dashboard, the HMI gives operators enhanced visibility into their processes at all times. It helps improve productivity. Increased functionality Because the HMI provides real-time data of your process, operators can use this data to monitor production and adjust process parameters in real-time to meet changing demand. Data captured from HMI can be analyzed to help identify areas of improvement for your processes. Reduced downtime With the alarms and alerts provided by the HMI, operators can better monitor their process performance and respond quickly to failures reducing downtime. Also analyzing the data provided by the HMI can help identify areas where future problems may occur and take appropriate action.

What is HMI?

What is HMI? Basically HMI stands for Human-Machine Interface. And it is simply a device that allows communication and data exchange between a user or operator and a machine or process. Most often an HMI is a touch screen but a simple keypad that gives orders to a process is also an HMI, the main concept being that with an HMI you can either give instructions to the process, get information about the process, or both. And HMI basically has two types Keypad HMI and Touchscreen HMI. Also HMI is widely used in industries but you can also find HMI everywhere around you, simple example of HMI is ATM and ATM is the HMI you use to withdraw your money. In industrial applications, the major functions of HMI are real-time information exchange between operators and production processes. HMI screens display data, provide visual feedback, and execute operational commands through input devices such as touch screens and keyboards.