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Embedded System Design multiple choice questions

Embedded System Design Introduction to Microcontrollers & Embedded processors   Introduction to Microcontrollers 1. In 8086 microprocessor , the address bus is ________ bit wide  10 bit  20 bit  16 bit  12 bit   Answer 20 bit 2. What is the file extension is used to load in a microcontroller to execute an instruction?  .doc  .c  .txt  .hex Answer .hex 3. What are the two instruction set architecture (ISA) classifications?  SIDC & BIDC  CISC & RISC  CISC & VISC Answer CISC & RISC 4. What is internal RAM memory of 8051 microprocessor?  32 bytes  64 bytes  128 bytes  256 bytes Answer 128 bytes 5. How many timers/counter 8051 16-bit microprocessor have?  1  2  5  8 Answer 2 timers/counter 6. Register that is used to holds the memory address of the next instruction to be executed is  Program Memory  Program Counter  Control Unit  Instruction decoder Answer Program Counter 7. The 8051 microprocessor has ________ parallel I/O ports.  2  3  4  5 Answer  4 parallel I/O ports

Industrial Organisation and Management multiple choice questions

  Industrial Organisation and Management multiple choice questions   Industrial Management and Business organization 1. Which one of the following statements is not correct? A. Management is a goal oriented process B. Management is a continuous process. C. Management is a dynamic process. D. Management is a rigid process. Answer: Management is a rigid process. 2. Top management is concerned with formulation of A. guidelines for supervisors. B. long-term plans.  C. Short-term plans.  D. None of these. Answer: long-term plans.  3. Identify the feature of co-ordination being highlighted in the given statement: “Coordination is not a one time function; it begins at the planning stage and continue till controlling.” A. Coordination ensures unity of action B. Coordination is an all pervasive function C. Coordination is a  continuous process  D. Coordination is a deliberate function Answer: Coordination is a  continuous process 4. This function of management relating to laying down the founda