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How many types of pressure gauge are there?

How many types of pressure gauge are there? Basically the types of pressure gauges are Bourdon tube pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure gauge, capsule pressure gauge, Bourdon tube pressure gauge with chemical seal, differential pressure gauge, absolute pressure gauge with diaphragm.

What is hydrostatic pressure ?

What is hydrostatic pressure ? Essentially, hydrostatic pressure is the pressure due to the depth of the fluid, while absolute pressure is the hydrostatic pressure combined with the atmospheric pressure. Thus, hydrostatic pressure is not atmospheric pressure but absolute pressure.

What are pressure sensing lines?

What are pressure sensing lines? Basically pressure sensing lines are also known as impulse lines. And this sensing line enables positioning of pressure transmitters away from the process station. This line minimizes the effect of temperature on transmitter performance and operation. Also high ambient or atmospheric temperatures will affect the transmitter's mechanical components and shorten the life of its solid-state electronics. Placing the pressure transmitter away from the process station will reduce the effects of vibration and make maintenance or replacement of the pressure transmitter easier.

What are the causes of errors in pressure measurement?

What are the causes of errors in pressure measurement?  Basically voids, blockages, leaks or freezing in the sensing lines can cause pressure measurement errors. And it is also affects the dynamic response of the pressure-sensing system.  Voids Basically air or gas trapped in the fluid sensing lines will cause false pressure readings and sluggish the response. Blockages   Clogging in sensing lines occurs when the sludge particles solidify when chemicals are used in water treatment and other impurities accumulate. They are also occur due to improper alignment of isolations and obstruction of valve equalization due to crimped sensing lines. Leakage   Basically pressure sensing lines present many possibilities for leakage. The sensing line consists of an equalizing valve, one or more root valves, and an isolation valve. Some other connection leakage problems may increase under high working pressure. Significant fluid in the sensing line indicates false pressure. Freezing   Basically Freez

What is dynamic pressure?

What is dynamic pressure?  Basically, dynamic pressure is the pressure of a fluid such as a gas or liquid, which is the transfer of momentum from the molecules to the object on which the pressure acts. Dynamic pressure due to motion of fluid particle is known as collisional pressure. And this pressure is used to determine the airspeed of the aircraft. Dynamic pressure measurements are performed in various fields such as combustion control, automotive industry, turbo machinery and combustion analysis in aerodynamics in the process industry and power plants.

What is stress?

What is stress?  Stress is basically the internal resistance of an object to a force applied to a unit area. And that's the scale of the tensor. A tensor also has magnitude, direction, and a plane with respect to which the stress is defined. Basically it is not the same at all points. It changes angle and direction. Basically the force creating surface tension can act at any angle and direction. The normal stress is the component perpendicular to the plane of the surface and the shear stress is the component perpendicular to the plane of the surface. And it can be either compressive or tensile. Compression is positive normal stress and tension is negative normal stress. Commonly Stress is used for solid materials and is expressed in MPa/GPa. It has no measuring device but it can be measured.

What is pressure?

What is pressure?  Pressure is basically Force / Area and is the magnitude of an external force applied to a unit area. A scalar measure of pressure has only magnitude in it. Pressure is basically equal at all points and in all directions. If there is pressure on a surface, it always acts perpendicular to the surface. And this is considered a special case of stress. It is always compressed and is used for fluids, liquids and gases. It is usually specified in N/m^2. And it is commonly measured by various measuring devices like manometer, bourdon tube, diaphragm etc.

What is the use of pressure switch?

What is the use of pressure switch?  A pressure switch is used to detect low pressure condition or high pressure condition.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic Pressure What is hydrostatic pressure and how to calculate it? Basically, hydrostatic pressure is the pressure of a fluid in equilibrium at any time due to the force of gravity. Generally liquids and gases exert equal pressure on all sides of the container. The normal force exerted by a fluid per unit area of ​​contact surface is called hydrostatic pressure, and hydrostatic pressure is mathematically called p = ρgh p = Pressure exerted by the fluid in N.m-2 or Pa ρ = Density of the liquid in kg.m-3, slugs.ft-3 g = Acceleration due to gravity taken as 9.81m.s-2 h = Height of the liquid column in m The SI unit of hydrostatic pressure is Newton/Meter 2  (N/M 2 ) = Pascal