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Level Sensors and it's applications

Level Sensors  Basically level sensors are used to measure as well as detect the level of liquids or liquids. And level sensor is divided into several categories some commonly used level sensors are reflex level sensor, tank level sensor, bi-color level sensor, transparent level sensor. What are the applications of level sensors?   Commonly level sensors are used in many industries  Beverage and food manufacturing plants  Oil production plants  Pharmaceutical industry  Paper and Pulp Manufacturing Industry  Power Generating Plants  Petrochemical industry  Chemical industry  Water treatment plant  Waste Material Handling Industry

Level Measuring Devices

Level Measurement Level measurement is the detection or measurement of the level of a liquid or other solid liquid. Two general types of measurement are direct measurement and indirect measurement. Direct level measurement, also known as mechanical level measurement, and direct level measurement, which measures the height of a liquid or other liquid fluid, and dip sticks and lead lines, sight glasses, chains, and float gauges are commonly used instruments. Indirect level measurement is also known as approximate or approximate method and basically this type of level measurement is level measured with a remote location. And commonly used instruments for indirect level measurement are sonar level measurement, ultrasonic level measurement, pressure gauge, pure mechanism, differential pressure meter, displacement type level measurement.  Introduction to level measurement A level measurement is the linear distance between the top surface of a liquid or solid and a predetermined reference poi