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Embedded System Design multiple choice questions

Embedded System Design Introduction to Microcontrollers & Embedded processors   Introduction to Microcontrollers 1. In 8086 microprocessor , the address bus is ________ bit wide  10 bit  20 bit  16 bit  12 bit   Answer 20 bit 2. What is the file extension is used to load in a microcontroller to execute an instruction?  .doc  .c  .txt  .hex Answer .hex 3. What are the two instruction set architecture (ISA) classifications?  SIDC & BIDC  CISC & RISC  CISC & VISC Answer CISC & RISC 4. What is internal RAM memory of 8051 microprocessor?  32 bytes  64 bytes  128 bytes  256 bytes Answer 128 bytes 5. How many timers/counter 8051 16-bit microprocessor have?  1  2  5  8 Answer 2 timers/counter 6. Register that is used to holds the memory address of the next instruction to be executed is  Program Memory  Program Counter  Control Unit  Instruction decoder Answer Program Counter 7. The 8051 microprocessor has ________ parallel I/O ports.  2  3  4  5 Answer  4 parallel I/O ports

8051 Microcontroller Questions and Answers

  8051 Microcontrollers Architecture 1. 8051 microcontrollers are manufactured by which of the following companies? a) Atmel b) Philips c) Intel d) All of the mentioned Answer: All of the mentioned 2. AT89C2051 has RAM of: a) 128 bytes b) 256 bytes c) 64 bytes d) 512 bytes Answer: 128 bytes 3. 8051 series has how many 16 bit registers? a) 2 b) 3 c) 1 d) 0 Answer: 2 4. When 8051 wakes up then 0x00 is loaded to which register? a) PSW b) SP c) PC d) None of the mentioned Answer: PC 5. When the microcontroller executes some arithmetic operations, then the flag bits of which register are affected? a) PSW b) SP c) DPTR d) PC Answer: PSW 6. How are the status of the carry, auxiliary carry and parity flag affected if the write instruction MOV A,#9C ADD A,#64H a) CY=0,AC=0,P=0 b) CY=1,AC=1,P=0 c) CY=0,AC=1,P=0 d) CY=1,AC=1,P=1 Answer: CY=1,AC=1,P=0 7. How are the bits of the register PSW affected if we select Bank2 of 8051? a) PSW.5=0 and PSW.4=1 b) PSW.2=0 and PSW.3=1 c) PSW.3=1 and PSW.4=1 d)