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Top 50 Bio- Medical Instrumentation Objective Questions and Answers

  Top 50  Bio- Medical Instrumentation  Objective Questions and Answers 1. Source of Bioelectric potential is a) mechanical b) electronic c) electric d) ionic Answer: ionic 2. Principal ion that is not involved with the phenomena of producing cell potentials is  a) potassium b) chlorine c) hydrogen d) sodium Answer: hydrogen 3. ________ is the relatively static membrane potential of quiescent cells. a) resting membrane potential b) half-cell potential c) cell potential d) action potential Answer: resting membrane potential 4. The variation of the electrical potential associated with the passage of a pulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or a nerve cell is called a) resting potential b) half cell potential c) action potential d) muscle potential Answer: action potential 5.  After a cell is stimulated, a finite period of time is required for the cell to return to its pre-stimulus state, period is known as a) refactory period b) regain period c)  regenerative period d) restoration per

Foetal Monitoring Instruments multiple choice questions

  Foetal Monitoring Instruments Cardiotocograph 1. In data recorders, during replay, the tape is run at ________ to achieve rapid manual or automatic scanning of ambulatory records. a) 80 times of recording speed b) 70 times of recording speed c) 60 times of recording speed d) 50 times of recording speed Answer: 60 times of recording speed 2. Which CPU has an overall system control responsibility? a) Control b) Acquisition c) Control and timing d) Acquisition and display Answer: Control and timing 3. Who provides an excellent review of ambulatory cardiac event recorders? a) Handelsman b) Benz c) Alfonso d) Friesen Answer: Benz 4. Which of the following type of systems are not available for ambulatory ECG monitoring? a) Holter monitors b) Event Recorders c) Time Recorders d) Implantable Loop Recorders Answer: Time Recorders 5. In the data recording, the normal speed of sub miniature tape recorder is ___________ a) 3 cm/s b) 2 cm/s c) 3 mm/s d) 2 mm/s Answer: 2 mm/s 6. Full form of P-FCB

Oximeters multiple choice questions

  Oximeters Multiple Choice Questions Oximeters 1. What is used to detect foetal heart movements in broad beam transducer? a) Quartz crystal b) Piezo electric crystal c) Topaz crystal d) Berlinite crystal Answer: Piezo electric crystal 2. What is maximum ultrasound intensity of narrow beam transducer? a) 15 mW/cm2 b) 20 mW/cm2 c) 25 mW/cm2 d) 30 mW/cm2 Answer: 25 mW/cm2 3. Which transducer is arranged in the shape of a clover leaf so that it provides a large area of illumination? a) piezo-electric b) ultrasonic c) array d) pressure Answer: ultrasonic 4. When it is possible to detect multiple pregnancies? a) 10th week b) 12th week c) 15th week d) 20th week Answer: 20th week 5. The transmitting crystal emits 40° divergent beam so that the beam covers an area of approximately _____ cm diameter. a) 10 b) 20 c) 30 d) 40 Answer: 10 6. Blood flow detectors based on Doppler shift start detecting foetal pulses as early as in which week of pregnancy? a) tenth b) eleventh c) twelfth d) ninth Answ

Telemedicine Technology multiple choice questions

  Telemedicine Technology Essential Parameters for Telemedicine 1. What is the temperature at which the lower junction in thermocouple is maintained? a) 0 K b) 273 K c) -327 K d) -273 K Answer: 273 K 2. What force is generated when two wires of different material are joined together at either end, forming two junctions which are maintained at a different temperature? a) chemical reactive b) electro-motive c) thermo-motive d) mechanical Answer: thermo-motive 3. __________has the widest range of temperature measurement. a) RTD b) Mercury thermometer c) Thermocouple d) Thermistor Answer: Thermocouple 4. The full form of RTD is _________________ a) resistive thermal detector b) resistance temperature detector c) resistance temperature device d) reluctance thermal device Answer: resistance temperature detector 5. Which of the following quantity is measured by Thermister? a) pressure b) displacement c) temperature d) height Answer: temperature 6. Which of the following option is the correct

Arrhythmia and Ambulatory Monitoring Instruments multiple choice questions

  Arrhythmia and Ambulatory Monitoring Instruments Cardiac Arrhythmias 1. What is used to measure and record BSR and GSR? a) Tape recorder b) Amplifier c) Silver-Silver electrode d) Piezoelectric device Answer: Silver-Silver electrode 2. BSR(Basal skin response) gives ___________ a) activity of sweat glands b) baseline value of skin resistance c) activity of endrocine glands d) baseline value of breathing Answer: baseline value of skin resistance 3. Which of the following instrument is used for measuring the average activity of sweat glands? a) EOG b) ECG c) GSR d) PCG Answer: GSR 4. The BSR output is connected to RC network with time constant of _________________ seconds. a) 1 to 3 b) 3 to 5 c) 5 to 7 d) 7 to 9 Answer: 3 to 5 5. What is employed to measure the variable that is to be controlled by the feedback process? a) Transducers b) Sensing device c) Tape recorder d) Piezo-electric device Answer: Transducers 6. GSR(Galvanic skin response) gives ________________ a) activity of sweat