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Vibration Measuring Devices

Vibration Measurement Vibration Measuring Devices Instruments that measure vibration are also called vibrometers. And generally vibration measuring devices measure or sense vibration. Vibration is the normal oscillatory motion of a body and basically this motion is harmonic or complex. A vibration measuring instrument typically measures the particle or body amplitude, frequency, and phase. Vibration Vibration is the motion of a body, and motion is a constant like a vine as a dynamic imbalance. And commonly known as vibration is a state of body which moves back and forth, right and left, up and down and randomly in frequency. Types of vibration measurement Basically there are two types of vibration measurement first contact type and second non contact type 1. Contact Type Contact type vibration measuring instrument means direct contact with moving or vibrating body and simple contact type instruments are compact in size. An example of a contact type instrument is an accelerometer. 2. No