Gate Valves

 Gate Valves

Gate valves use linear type of stem motion for opening and closing of a valve. These valves use parallel or wedge shaped discs as closure members that provide tight sealing. Gate valves are a common valve type used for basic on/off service. Manual Gate Valves are operated with a simple hand wheel that causes the stem and gate to rise. When closed, the gate seats against a seat ring, both of which have a special treatment to provide reliable shut-off.


  • High capacity 
  • Tight shutoff 
  • Low cost 
  • Little resistance to flow 
  • Ability to cut through slurries, scale and surface build-ups
  • Provide unobstructed flow paths that not only provide high flow capacity (Cv), but  even allows slurry, large objects, rocks and items routinely found in mining processes to safely pass through the valve. 


  • Poor control 
  • Cavitate at low pressure drops 
  • Cannot be used for throttling
  • Relatively low pressure limitation - general pressure limitations are 150 psi at maximum. 


  • Fully open/closed, non-throttling 
  • Infrequent operation 
  • Minimal fluid trapping in line


  • Suitable for oil, gas, air, heavy liquids, steam, non-condensing gases, abrasive and corrosive liquids 
  • Sizes available range from standard cast configurations as small as 2" to special fabricated valves exceeding 100". 
  • Standard cast configurations have ASME 125/150 bolting patterns and are rated at 150 psi.