Control Panel And Types Of Control Panel

Control Panel And Types Of Control Panel

Control Panel

A control panel is a cabinet that contains electrical components for controlling motors and equipment. In simple terms, a control panel is a combination of electrical devices that use electrical power to control various mechanical functions of industrial equipment or machinery. Control panels control and monitor many mechanical processes. Control panels are used to accommodate equipment for measurement, monitoring, protection, detection, control and process management purposes. The panels are located in the control room as well as in the field known as local control panels for operational convenience. The design of the control panel is based on the type of energy and mobility. Panels are named based on the functional media such as electrical, electronic, air and oil. Such as PLC control panel with PLC installed, related wiring, power supply. Pneumatic Control Panels Pneumatic controllers/indicators which are operated by air are called pneumatic control panels with associated controllers, transducer gauges etc. Hydraulic control panel to associated pressure gauge, oil operated with directional control valves.

Manley classified control panels into three types

  • Physical control panel
  • Remote control panel
  • Virtual control panel

Physical control panel

A physical control panel works in the control or field and manly physical control panel is used to perform functions like turning the system on and off.

Remote control panel

Operate in remote location using remote control panel control or PC. The remote control panel is used to restart the system, turn the system on and off using a remote PC (virtual control) or a LAN connected remote controller. A remote control panel basically runs or controls some program using a remote location to give instructions to the control panel.

Virtual control panel

Virtual Control Panel Control Control Panel function via PC. The virtual control panel works like a remote control panel.

Electrical control panel

The electrical control panel is divided into two types namely HT panel and LT panel

HT panel

HT panels are called high tension panels. High voltage power is distributed to HT panels which may be 11kv or 22kv or 33kv to LT panels.

LT panel

LT panel means low tension panel which regulates low voltage i.e. 415V for distribution to utility industries. An LT panel draws power from a generator or transformer and distributes it to various electronic devices and distribution boards
Types of LT panels are PCC (Power Control Cubicle Panel), MCC (Motor Control Cubicle Panel), APFC (Automatic Power Correction Panel), AMF (Auto Main Failure Panel), DG Synchronization Panel, Automation Panel.