PLC based Multi-channel Fire Alarm System

 PLC based Multi-channel Fire Alarm System

Nowadays, securing one’s property and business against fire is becoming more and more important. Monitoring commercial and residential areas all-round is an effective method to reduce personal and property losses due to fire disasters. Automatic fire alarm system is widely deployed in those sites recent years. Large numbers of small fire detectors should report their information to the control center of a building or a block. This project is design and implementation of a fire alarm system using the PLC which operates the entire system. Any signal from each detector at any level is detected and monitored using monitoring system. The appliance system has components like buzzer for alarming and motor pump to stop the fire. Relay driver to make switch on/off relay according to PLC output. The entire system is controlled by PLC. The PLC is programmed in such way by using ladder diagrams. From the project done, the system can detects smoke, heat etc. are sensed by the detector, followed by the monitoring system which indicates smoke, heat etc. at that particular level. Finally when the sensors form each level triggered individually, the main buzzer operates and disconnect the AC power supply. Then it runs the emergency exit Door motor to escape, Lift comes to ground level and the water pump motor to the affected zone to stop the fire


PLC, Gas Sensor, Push buttons, Led Lamps, Buzzer, DC motor, water pump, door, Relay.


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