Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on M2M Area Network

Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on M2M Area Network

1. M2M is mostly ___________
a) Hardware centric
b) Software centric
c) Both
d) None
Answer: Hardware centric

2. The relation between IoT and M2M is ___________
a) IoT is part of M2M
b) M2M is the part of IoT
c) Both are same
d) None
Answer: M2M is the part of IoT

3. NETCONF will manages ___________
a) Sensors
b) Actuators
c) IoT Devices
d) Network devices
Answer: Network devices

4. The communication network in M2M can be used ___________
a) Wireless medium
b) Wired medium
c) Both
d) None
Answer: Both

5. SDN means ___________
a) Software data networks
b) Software described networks
c) Software defined network
d) Software demand network
Answer: Software defined network

6. NFV means ___________
a) Network function vector
b) Network function virtual machine
c) Network function virtualization
d) Network form in virtualization
Answer: Network function virtualization

7. NETCONF means ___________
a) Network conformation
b) Network clarification
c) Network configuration
d) Network confinement
Answer: Network configuration

8. YANG is a ___________
a) Protocol
b) Technology
c) Language
d) Management tool
Answer: Language

9. M2M applications would use ___________ for storage and analysis
a) Cloud
b) Local Machine
c) Both
d) None
Answer: Local Machine

10. Mostly M2M network performs ___________ communication
a) One to many
b) Broadcast
c) One to one
d) Multicast
Answer: One to one

11. To enable the communication between remote M2M area networks ___________ devices are used.
a) Senosrs
b) Routers
c) Switches
d) Gateways
Answer: Gateways

12. The number of components requires to mange the IoT using NETCONF-YANG
a) 7
b) 8
c) 9
d) 6
Answer: 9

13. The NETCONF architecture contains
a) 3 layers
b) 4 layers
c) 5 layers
d) 6 layers
Answer: 4 layers

14. The following technology emphasizes more on software
a) IoT
b) M2M
c) Both
d) None
Answer: IoT

15. Which is not the key element of the SDN
a) Storage controller
b) Centralized controller
c) APIs
d) Open flow
Answer: Storage controller

16. Which one is not a network management protocol
Answer: SNTP

17. NETCONF uses following transport layer for security
a) TCP
b) UDP
c) TLS
d) none
Answer: TLS

18. SNMP uses TCP protocol
a) True
b) False
Answer: False

19. NETCONF follows RPC based communnication
a) True
b) False
Answer: True

20. SDN technology is the complementary of the NVF tecchnology
a) True
b) False
Answer: False