What is Optical Fiber and it's types ?

What is Optical Fiber and it's types ? 

Optical Fiber

Basically an optical fiber is a thin strand of glass or plastic that acts as a transmission medium through which information is transmitted. And optical fiber is a dielectric waveguide that operates at optical frequencies (10^13 to 10^16 Hz) and transfers information in the form of light through the mechanism of total internal reflection. Also an optical fiber has a central core surrounded by a cladding layer.

Types of optical fiber 

Step index fibers, graded index fibers, single mode fibers, multimode fibers, glass, plastic clad fibers and all plastic fibers are basically common types of optical fibers.
And the step index and graded index are based on the fiber refractive index profile. Single mode and multimode fiber is based on the number of modes. Glass, plastic clothing and all plastics are fiber based materials.

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