Types of Submersible Pumps and its component

How many types of submersible pumps are there and what components are used in submersible pumps?

Basically, there are various types of submersible pumps available in the market
  • Deep well pump
  • Bottom suction pump
  • Stainless steel pump
  • Oil filled pump
  • Submersible utility pumps
  • Water cooler pump
  • Mixed and axial flow pumps
The components of a submersible pump are as follows:
  • Clamps
  • Check the valve
  • Submersible pump
  • pressure switch
  • torque arrester
  • Tank tees
  • Drain valve
  • Relief valve
  • Impeller
  • safety rope
  • Pump cable
  • Sludge filter
  • Inlet and outlet valves