What are the causes of errors in pressure measurement?

What are the causes of errors in pressure measurement? 

Basically voids, blockages, leaks or freezing in the sensing lines can cause pressure measurement errors. And it is also affects the dynamic response of the pressure-sensing system. 


Basically air or gas trapped in the fluid sensing lines will cause false pressure readings and sluggish the response.


Clogging in sensing lines occurs when the sludge particles solidify when chemicals are used in water treatment and other impurities accumulate. They are also occur due to improper alignment of isolations and obstruction of valve equalization due to crimped sensing lines.


Basically pressure sensing lines present many possibilities for leakage. The sensing line consists of an equalizing valve, one or more root valves, and an isolation valve. Some other connection leakage problems may increase under high working pressure. Significant fluid in the sensing line indicates false pressure.


Basically Freezing locks the normal operating pressure in the system. Freezing occurs in the sensing lines if the heat tracing used to prevent the liquid from freezing in cold weather or winter is old or damaged.